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4 Pest Management Tradeshow Tips to Make the Most of This Year’s Events

Tis the season for: Tradeshows. So, what makes a tradeshow successful and makes your time and money worth it to exhibit? And as we enter Tradeshow Season how can you ensure you maximize your return on your investment for travel, exhibit fees, tradeshow booth design and production, promotional items and more?

As with any marketing effort you must begin by defining your goals for the show. The following are some realistic goals:

  • Return with a defined number of warm leads to follow-up on.
  • Grow your marketing list as you introduce your product line to attendees.
  • Make a lasting impression on attendees with your booth design, premium items, a creative experience at your booth, enthusiastic team and more.
  • Meet with your top clients, potential clients, decision makers and more.

In my opinion, a successful tradeshow is a result of the culmination of all the effort you put into the show. From the size of the team you have attending to the grab or giveaway at your booth and most importantly how much effort your team puts into exhibit show hours. Networking at a tradeshow is critically important to coming away with the ultimate goal: a list of “hot leads”. Notice I didn’t say sale. Some generations of sales men and women lament over the old days when they were able to write orders during a tradeshow. Just because people no longer buy on the spot doesn’t mean tradeshows are no longer worth your time, budget and effort.

Consider the following pest management tradeshow tips this season to ensure you get your money’s worth:

  1. Grow Your List. If the show you are exhibiting at offers a name tag scanner, pay for it! Those people that you speak to in your booth and that allow you to scan their name badge are giving you permission to market to them. Take them up on the opportunity! Scan every name tag you can get your hands on. Then go home and use the information gathered to grow your marketing list.
  2. Follow Up. You hopefully made a good impression on those who stopped by your booth. Now use the time immediately following PestWorld to follow up with those attendees. Thank them for stopping by and remind them about the benefits of your product, send them a sample and back it up with proven research.
  3. Assess Your Efforts. Don’t put off discussing the results of the tradeshow for weeks or more. Review the specifics of what worked and what didn’t immediately following the show while its fresh in yours and your attendees minds. Decide what will stay the same and what you will do differently in the future.
  4. Plan Early. Don’t wait until weeks before a show to determine your company’s theme, promotional item or target customer list. Make a plan early on in the season of who to target for which show. List your goals for each show and order premium items and them materials early on.

If you are new to the pest management industry or don’t have the time or the creative juices to put proper planning into your next show, consider working with an agency. Choose an agency based on experience. Look for an event marketer that has attended the shows you are planning to attend and is familiar with your target audience.

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