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Bobby Kossowicz is a marketing professional in the specialty chemicals industry and owner of Environmental Marketing Solutions, a niche marketing agency servicing specialty product manufacturers, distributors, pest management and service companies. An industry veteran with over two decades of experience marketing pest and turf management products, Bobby brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts to her clients.
Before starting her own marketing firm, Bobby worked as Marketing Communications Manager for a large specialty chemical manufacturer and 10 years as Director of Marketing for a specialty chemical distributor. During these years she also served on a communications team for a national trade association representing manufacturers, formulators, distributors and other industry leaders involved with pesticides that engaged with issues on a federal, state and local levels.

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"If you want to do business in the Pest Control Industry today than you need to be on top of your game. Regardless, if you are a PCO, a Manufacturer, or a Distributor. Bobby can help you get there."

-Sean Paker

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